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Vishal Solanki is an accomplished cinematographer, director and producer based in Los Angeles. With a career spanning over a decade in cinematography in many countries and languages, his work has been featured in film festivals throughout the world. Highly regarded for his lighting, composition and use of shadows and darkness in intimate character driven fiction films, Vishal is passionate in his pursuit to continually push the envelope in improving aesthetic standards for cinematography in documentary films.

His co-directorial debut, 'Caffeinated', a documentary feature, premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival and was subsequently acquired by Amazon Prime. Vishal continues to travel with work and find powerful images for poignant stories which address social issues of our time. Vishal is constantly inspired by the joie de vivre of ordinary people under extreme circumstances and prides himself in his ability to build trust and relate to them.

Vishal graduated with a CAG Award(Communication Arts Guild) and a state government award from the prestigious Sir. J. J. Inst. Of Applied Art in Mumbai specializing in still photography and advertising design. He completed his post-graduate studies with honors in cinematography and directing from the Los Angeles Film School. Vishal is a member of the International Documentary Association and producer for Evoke Mediaworks, a production company focusing on empowering communities through media.